January 5, 2011

Wintel To WARM, Microsoft’s Alliances For Tablets

Wintel to WARM, Microsoft’s expanding alliances for Tablets - Microsoft Windows for ARM processors will be available in the next version of Windows. The new alliance with ARM is Microsoft’s attempt to play in the Tablet market in a bigger way and besides, WARM (Windows-for-ARM) has a nice ring to it.


In addition to ARM, the hardware partners for WARM include ARM licensees Nvidia, Qualcomm and TI. The next version of Windows will also work on x86 cpu’s served by Intel and AMD.

Now, the big questions –
  1. given Windows on x86 and all the other CPU-OS variants, is anyone waiting for WARM? 
  2. Is WARM better than Wintel? 
  3. On Tablets, can Microsoft deliver the user experience like an iPad?