January 31, 2011

Your Speed Meter, Measure iPad, iPhone Data Use

Paying high Data charges for your iPad, iPhone? Wouldn’t you love a Your Speed Meter to measure your iPad, iPhone’s data use in real-time?

Your Speed Meter will display your mobile Internet speeds and data usage in real-time. It will be useful for all users of mobile Internet whether on 3G or 4G and whether they use Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Mac or PC. 

Why is it needed?
You may have seen the your-speed signs on roads also known as driver feedback signs. The sign detects (via radar) and displays the drivers speed instantly, the driver sees their speed displayed and slows down to meet the speed limit. The your-speed signs have been very effective in controlling speeding. They are even more effective than having a police car on the road and, unlike police, the driver feedback signs work 24/7.

A similar speed control is needed for mobile Internet users in the form of a Your Speed meter. Faster mobile Internet (4G), higher data charges and increased use of mobile data means that if not controlled, your data usage costs will explode (see below). The Your Speed meter will help you control your usage and costs; it will also show in real-time what speed is the ISP actually delivering. The meter is a band-aid solution to the high costs of mobile Internet but a badly needed band-aid. The ideal solution, of course, is for Verizon, AT&T etc to provide unlimited data plans at reasonable prices regardless of 3G, 4G speeds.

YOUR SPEED Meter features
  • built into the OS
  • always available at top of the screen
  • displays current download, upload speeds in real-time
  • displays data usage for current billing cycle in real-time

The High Cost of 4G Data

  1. 200 MB for $15/mon, additional data - $15 for 200 MB
  2. 2 GB for $25/month, additional data - $25 for 2 GB

  1. 5 GB for $50/month, additional data - $10 for 1 GB

i.e. if you watch two NetFlix HD movies over the mobile Internet
            Data used = 8 GB, Cost with AT&T = $100, Cost with Verizon = $80

So, who will provide the first Your Speed meter? Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows, MeeGo or Blackberry?

The meter will finally allow mobile users to control their data usage and costs and also see what download/upload speeds are they actually getting.