February 2, 2011

Credit Card Bait Apps on Apple AppStore

Credit Card bait Apps on Apple AppStore

Apps such as TapZoo by PocketGems, FarmVille by Zynga and others.


The problem: The apps enticing kids and the AppStore allowing purchases without control.

The credit card bait apps target kids and entice them to buy coins, stars etc (via inapp purchases) to enhance their game experience. The more you spend, the shinier your experience e.g. a kid could spend $19.99 for a TapZoo Jar of Coins.

And, the AppStore does not provide controls for this kind of scenario. In the AppStore, once a password is entered, more purchases can be made within a 15-minute window - a virtual candystore for the kids; pick what you want and no one will stop you. Kids, not knowing better, make full use of this window to make more purchases. Parents face the credit card bill.

Parents have setup a Facebook group to ban credit card bait apps.