February 1, 2011

Facebook Bug, Share Link Picks Wrong Photo

A Facebook bug, Share Link picks the wrong photo.

In Facebook, with Links > Share a Link, you can share interesting links with friends. A nice feature!

If the linked webpage contains a photo, Facebook displays a thumbnail of the photo along with the link like this. Nice!

Although the thumbnail is not perfect (it crops the photo seemingly randomly), it at least displays the photo. Friends upon seeing the photo are more likely to click on the link.

But, when the linked webpage contains a YouTube video, Facebook will pick photos from previously shared links and suggest those to include with the share. The user may not pay attention and share the link with the wrong photo, like this link that displays the wrong photo.

This is a Facebook bug. Share link should display the poster photo from the video being shared and not suggest wrong photos for inclusion.

Further, if the linked webpage contains multiple photos, Facebook picks the first photo and does not allow selecting another photo from the webpage.