February 15, 2011

How To Disable Adobe Flash in Chrome

If you are seeing the annoying Flash Ads, the flashing banner ads or the dreaded expandable ads that fill up your screen, and want to know how to disable Adobe Flash in Chrome browser, read on …

Flash has the dishonor of enabling the most annoying web Ads, and Flash also drains laptop batteries at the fastest rate.

Disabling and re-enabling Flash in Chrome is simple and can be done any time.

To disable Adobe Flash in Chrome
  1. Open a new Chrome window or tab
  2. Type “about:plugins” in the Chrome bar
    this displays all installed plugins
  3. For Flash, click disable

To re-enable Adobe Flash in Chrome
1. Display the installed plugins as above
2. For Flash, click enable

The browser does not need to be closed and re-opened for the change to take effect. So you could be viewing a website in one window and use a second Chrome window to disable Flash in real-time. The change will affect all Chrome windows immediately.