February 25, 2011

Motorola Xoom In Rushing Before iPad2

Motorola Xoom in rushing to be before iPad2 delivered a product that seems half-baked.

The Xoom hardware specs are nice and its OS (Android Honeycomb) is decent. If all its aspects were properly baked, it could be a worthy alternative to the iPad. But, it seems Motorola felt there was no time and it had to get the product ahead of the iPad 2 launch next week.

Flash is said to be the major feature for Xoom but Flash is missing on Xoom right now. Adobe promises it will be available soon.

Xoom could be the first tablet to offer 4G LTE but Xoom requires upgrade to 4G LTE. Upgrades can only be done after June-2011 and requires sending Xoom to Motorola for about 2 weeks. How many people will actually upgrade to 4G?

If you do get 4G for the Xoom, Verizon 4G speeds are 70 Kbps outside the major metros, not the consistent multi-megabit speeds you are expecting. These speeds are sure to improve but it may be by 2013.

Xoom 4G data prices of $20 for 1 GB, $80 for 10 GB

Confusingly, Motorola picked the same name as Xoom, the money transfer service. And Xoom sued Motorola over Xoom. Motorola could have picked another name or at the least got the rights to use the name before the launch. The single-word  “Xoom” has a nicer ring to it than the two word “Motorola Xoom”

Xoom product reviews here and here are generally decent all saying good things about the hardware but there are no gushing reviews for the user experience.

Competing with Apple’s iPad 2 is not easy.