February 20, 2011

Review: Accept Credit Cards Anywhere On Your Phone

If you want to accept payment with a credit card anywhere then you need a card processing service that works with your phone. Square and Intuit’s GoPayment are two such services that work with your smartphone, using them you can accept credit cards anywhere you can use your phone.

Credit cards are the most convenient and reliable means of paying and getting paid for a transaction. However, traditional credit card processing services come with lots of fees - gateway fee, statement fee, annual fee, cancellation fee etc – and they require you to be at your business or home to swipe the card, too many hurdles to cross for a small business.

As compared to these, the new credit card processing services make it easy and inexpensive to accept credit card payments anywhere using your phone. The benefits of these new services are
  1. accept payments anywhere you can use your phone
  2. accept payments with your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry
  3. email the customer a receipt immediately
  4. receive the transaction confirmation immediately on your phone
  5. receive reports of all your transactions online

And best of all, the services only have a low per transaction fees. There are no contracts or any other fees.

Check detailed pricing at Square pricing and GoPayment pricing.

What is needed to accept payments?
  1. Install App on the supported phone
  2. Open an account with the service
  3. Apply to accept payments – typically requires social security number, bank account number and mailing address
  4. At the time of accepting payments, an Internet connection for the phone is required

To compare other credit card processing services, check FeeFighters