February 28, 2011

See Instagram Photos on the Web with Insta-Great, GramFeed

See Instagram Photos on the Web with Insta-great, GramFeed.

Instagram is the popular photography app on the iPhone and soon on Android phones. Currently, Instagram photos can only be viewed within the app on the iPhone. Insta-great and GramFeed are two nice alternatives that allow you to see the same photos on the web.

Insta-great shines in displaying popular Instagram photos (only) on the web, with a nice UI and website and viewing feeds of specific users.

Instagram photo on Insta-great

While GramFeed UI is raw, its grid display of popular photos is easier to navigate. 

Instagram photo on GramFeed

The same photos can also be viewed on Instagram’s website. But the process of browsing and finding the photos on the web is cumbersome and the photos are presented with only a basic UI. E.g. check the same photo at Instagram