February 21, 2011

There is Gold in Misspelled Website Names, Twitter and StumbleUpon

There is Gold in misspelled website names, for example in misspelled Twitter and StumbleUpon.

Users often mistype a popular websites name, intentionally or unintentionally. The misspelled website name is a bonanza for Internet marketers who benefit from the resultant traffic. At the misspelled address, Internet marketers are ready with their offers and enjoy the traffic coming to them. The offers are not just from smaller companies but some of the biggest brands are advertised at these misspelled addresses.

For example, type www.twiter.com instead of www.twitter.com. You will come to a beautifully designed page that looks like it is owned by twitter with an address like www.twitter.com-prizesurvey.com. The page of course leads the user to an offer.

Or type www.stumbpleupon.com instead of www.stumbleupon.com. Currently, the user gets redirected to a Direct TV offer with a DirectTV campaign specifically targeted to the misspellings. At other times, the same page redirects to a Verizon Wireless offer, a Nike offer and others.

Brands such as Apple or Google seem to own all mutations of their names. They make sure that even if a user misspells their name, the user will still end up with them.

For example, if a user mistypes www.appl.com they still come to www.apple.com

Or mistyping www.googel.com will still bring the user to www.google.com

Ingenuity lives in Internet marketing!