February 16, 2011

TwitterDots, Real-Time World Trends in Video

TwitterDots is real-time world trends visualized in video. It is powerful way to see how the world reacts to an event in real-time.

TwitterDots plots tweets for a specific keyword over a 24-hour period on a world map, with each tweet identified by its geo location.

For example, check the world’s reaction to Hosni Mubarak’s expected resignation speech on Feb 10, 2011. And watch the reactions when he did not resign (around 13:00 PST).

Interestingly, people in Russia and China did not seem to care about Mubarak and there is hardly any reaction from those countries.

Like TwitterFall, TwitterDots analyzes Twitter trends in real-time.

TwitterDots is an awesome project by @rioakasaka . Hopefully it will be offered as a service, usable by anyone for any keyword.