March 15, 2011

4G LTE Hotspot with Unlimited Data for $30/month

A 4G LTE Hotspot with unlimited data for $30/month

Network:    Verizon 4G LTE
Download speeds:    5 – 12 Mbps
Upload speeds:    2 – 5 Mbps
Price:    $30/month for unlimited data
Max WiFi Devices On Hotspot:    8

Device:    HTC Thunderbolt - $250 on 2-year contract

And, with this hotspot you can also make voice calls and use Android apps.

Awesome!  No need to measure 4G LTE data usage or worry about paying an arm and a leg for 4G data. Even iPhone users may be tempted get this Android 4G hotspot. So, what is the catch?

Verizon 4G LTE coverage area is extremely limited right now; currently this hotspot will work only in a few areas across the US. And, this is likely only a teaser price; Verizon will quickly switch the user to its $50/hour 4G data plan.

Regardless, it is an awesome plan as long as it is available. Get this 4G hotspot with unlimited data while you can.