March 22, 2011

Angry Birds on Windows, Intel AppUp Store

Angry Birds on Windows at Intel AppUp store.

The Intel AppUp store is Intel’s attempt to provide an app experience to the millions of PC users using Windows XP or Windows 7. Although Intel says the store is intended for netbook users, a user can install the store on any Windows-PC and use the apps.


After its success on Apple’s App store, Angry Birds has been ported to every OS possible. It has become the reference app for all the app stores, the most recent being Amazon Appstore for Android. Soon, expect Angry Birds benchmarks to be created by the storeowners and used to justify why one platform is better than the other.

Coming to Intel’s AppUp store. Right now Windows users are only watching from the sidelines as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android users get the latest apps; Intel has correctly concluded that Windows users also want new Apps. Once iPhone, iPad apps start getting ported to AppUp store, Windows users will also start getting access to the latest apps.

The Good
  • Apps can be played on big screens in HD e.g. at 1920x1080
  • Support for Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Support for any PC
  • Try-and-buy – you can try apps for 24 hours before your card gets charged
    If you don’t like the app, simply ‘cancel purchase’
  • Purchased apps can be installed on upto 4 additional computers

The Bad
  • Games are played with the mouse/trackpad. While ok, it comes nowhere close to a touch experience.
  • The store is only tested with IE7+ and Firefox 3.0, 3.5
    Safari, Chrome users you are on your own
  • Expensive apps e.g. $5 for Angry Birds
  • Limited number of apps

While the AppUp store has been well designed technically, its user experience can use a lot of improvement. The AppUp store also does not have the strong momentum of Apple’s Appstore, which means a smaller selection of apps on AppUp. And, the latest apps will first be available on Apple’s Appstore and then the developers decide if/when they would port to the AppUp store.

Should I Try
If you have a PC, it is definitely worth trying Intel AppUp store. With AppUp, you may be able to enjoy your favorite apps on the PC.

The store needs Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1. If you don’t have it installed already, be prepared for a long install process, a reboot and re-install before things start working.