March 1, 2011

Apple iTunes 10 Download Bug, Endless Loop

Apple iTunes 10 download bug puts you into an endless loop of downloading and re-downloading iTunes.

The scenario unfolds as following –
You see an Appstore App on the web and click it to find out more e.g. click the Appstore icon at Instagram

The click should take you to the iTunes page for the app or to the apps webpage on iTunes e.g. Instagram on iTunes. Instead you are redirected to an iTunes affiliate page and are asked to download iTunes 10, even if you have iTunes already installed.

Downloading iTunes will have no effect, the next time you click on the icon for the App, the above steps will repeat. It is an endless loop.

The reason for the endless loop is that the “iTunes Application Detector plugin” is disabled on your computer e.g.

Just enable the plugin and click the Appstore icon again. This time you will be taken to iTunes page for that App correctly.

To enable iTunes Detector in Chrome,
  1. type “about:plugins” in the search bar to display plugins
  2. enable the  “iTunes Application Detector plugin”