March 13, 2011

BSNL, 100 Mbps Internet in India for INR 84000/month

BSNL, 100 Mbps Internet service in India for INR 84,000/month.

BSNL FiBro 100 Speeds
Download: 100 Mbps, Upload: 100 Mbps

BSNL FiBro 100 Price
INR 84,000/month for unlimited data  (about $1,850/month)

BSNL FiBro 100 Availability
Parts of India

The Good
* Unlimited data
* Symmetrical speeds

With 100 Mbps speeds, BSNL becomes part of the fastest Internet worldwide.

The Bad
At $1,850/month, it is the most expensive 100 Mbps Internet around.