March 9, 2011

Facebook Comments Dull UI Spreading Across the Web

Facebook Comments dull UI is spreading across the web. As Facebook Comments widgets are increasingly being used by websites for comments, its dull UI is spoiling the looks of otherwise nicely done websites.

Facebook Comments dull UI include a sickly blue color, microscopic fonts and a look that has not been updated in years.

While the core site,, also has a dull look that hasn’t changed in years, it is contained at one location. Facebook Comments is especially bad as it spreads the bad UI across the web. Looking at it as it grows, you may say, “what is that blue stuff growing across the Internet?”

Facebook is a great site but badly in need of a fresh coat of paint at Facebook Comments and on

And, this is the Facebook error message that is seen when you click on Facebook Social Plugin (at any website that includes Facebook Comments) and then on Comments.