March 3, 2011

iPad2 to TV, AirPlay and Video Mirroring

For iPad2 to TV, AirPlay and Video Mirroring are two options available from Apple.

Apple iPad2’s content can be viewed on external displays such as TV, computer monitors or projectors using the two options above. The displays can be any with a HDMI input.

iPad 2 Airplay to TV

With Apple AirPlay, content from the iPad 2 is streamed wirelessly to the TV in a single tap. It requires an Apple TV ($99) that connects to the TV with a HDMI cable ($10). The iPad2 and AppleTV have to be on the same WiFi network. AirPlay is the most convenient as it does not require any cables from the iPad 2. Movies can be streamed to the TV at 720p.

iPad 2 Mirroring to TV

With Video Mirroring, the iPad2’s display is mirrored on the TV. Whatever is displayed on the iPad 2 is also displayed on the TV concurrently. Mirroring will find use at home, in classrooms, for presentations and more.  Mirroring requires Apple’s digital AV adapter ($39) and a HDMI cable ($10). The HDMI cable limits where the iPad 2 can be placed in relation to the TV.

Apple Digital AV adapter

iPad 2’s own display is only 1024x768. iPad 2 for 1080p discusses how the source content of varying resolution is displayed on the iPad 2 and external displays.