March 27, 2011

MyGengo, Online Language Translations From Japan

mygengo, an online language translation service from Japan, provides document translations with human translators. Mygengo connects human translators with those who want to get translation done online.

Based in Tokyo, mygengo also has an interesting story of how they managed through the recent Japan earthquake.

Mygengo is great for translating documents, translating iPhone apps in other languages. The language translation pricing is a reasonable $0.05/word (standard) for documents. Language translations are provided from Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American) and Spanish (Spain)

While Google Translate, a competing service, provides instant language translations, the quality of the automated translations is poor. Mygengo’s human translators are native speakers of the language and provide high quality, natural-sounding translations. 

Mygengo is a language translation service worth checking out.