March 14, 2011

Share Large Home Videos With

Share large home videos privately with

Anyone who has tried to share a home HD video with family and friends knows that email is not an option. Most ISP’s limit emails to 10 megabytes whereas a 1080p HD video can be hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes in length. Large home videos can be shared via Facebook and others but with Facebook there is always a privacy concern. provides an easy option to share such large files privately. The steps are simple
* Upload the video
* Copy the link provided and share with others
No login required

to download
* anyone who has the share-link clicks it to download the file

The uploaded file is available for 30 days, for free, which in most cases is enough time for family & friends to download the file. You can also remove the file after download, so it is no longer available.

While sharing via also cannot be considered totally secure (e.g. what if your friend forwarded your share-link to someone else), it provides a free and easy option to share large files without login.