March 31, 2011

Snapshot View in Blogger Blogs

Blogger blogs have fresh display options available now, a long awaited feature. Currently, to see the blog in the new display, add a /view  to the end of the blog URL e.g. (the blog also has to be enabled for these dynamic views as shown below). Snapshot view in blogger blogs is the best display option and presents the blog attractively as shown below

The other display options are -

Flipcard: is made up of post-photo and post-title (if there are no photos in the post).

Mosaic: the least attractive display option – presents the posts as a mish-mash of photos, text

Sidebar: post titles are displayed in a sidebar – who would ever use this option? It doesn’t look nice nor is it useful. 

Timeslide: posts are presented by the post time – a confusing display
To enable dynamic views for your blog
  1. the blog has to be public
  2. at Settings > Site Feed, the blog feed should be set to Full or Jump break
  3. at Settings > Formatting, set Enable Dynamic Views to Yes 
Keep in mind that, currently, ads are not shown in these new displays. If you choose not to show your blog without ads, then do not ‘enable dynamic views’ in step 3 above.