March 26, 2011, Video Hosting Service is a video hosting service from

The concept is simple - you upload your video to, which gives you a short-URL and embed-code for your video. Users can come from any device and play this video - PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad Android, etc – vidly handles the backend of keeping copies of the video in every format and serving the proper one depending on the users device/browser.

Vidly’s demo video – it is annoying. For a video service vidly could have made a better demo video. And the video embed cannot be resized, which means it cannot be embedded on different webpages, a major limitation.

In a world of free YouTube service that provides the same function as, it is hard to see when a user would prefer to YouTube. At YouTube, the videos also get publicized to a very large community – a big plus for most users. Perhaps’s use could be for users that wish to share videos privately.