April 5, 2011

Cisco CEO, Failing Strategy and Execution

Cisco CEO, failing strategy and execution –

To be clear, I am confident that our vision and fundamental strategy is right 

Wrong! Cisco has not adapted to the Internet. It is still selling old products, overpriced products with dull marketing. And it is across the board for all products – carrier, enterprise, and consumer.

As I’ve said, our strategy is sound.  It is aspects of our operational execution that are not.  

Both strategy and execution are failing at Cisco.

And, more corporatespeak, in bold letters

We will not fix what’s not broken
We will take bold steps and we will make tough decisions
We will accelerate our leadership
We will make it easier for you to work at Cisco

Cisco needs changes starting from the top; unfortunately there cannot be a palace coup. And, Cisco needs to exit the consumer markets in a hurry where it seems to have no clue.