April 18, 2011

Color App Experience, Like a Webcam

Color App aims to provide a different experience than the other photo sharing apps such as Instagram, PicPlz etc. Whereas the other apps just enable sharing of photos regardless of where or when the photos were taken, Color creates a photo album that is based on the place & time where the photos were taken. A different take for sure but what is the resultant effect - Color App experience, is like a webcam.

Check Color album from the recent Water for Elephants party. A bunch of disjointed photos taken from different points at the location – the experience seems like watching a webcam, a degraded webcam. A few webcams recording the event from multiple vantage points would have delivered a much better experience and at much higher quality. They would have also provided all the photos needed at the rate of potentially 30 photos per second.

And, it does not help that the Color photos from the event continue to look unfocused and washed-out further generating a poor impression.

Color App needs improvements and fast. First, is to improve the basic photo quality and then work on creating a user experience that is unique and makes them stand out.