April 11, 2011

Does Google Trends Work?

Does Google Trends work?

With most of the worldwide online search being handled by Google, Google Trends can be a powerful tool and provide insights into worldwide trends. It has great potential. However, does it really deliver the results?  Check below

Two search terms that are popular in the US

 Trend – iPad, All regions, Last 30 days

Shows that Netherlands has the highest number of searches for ‘iPad’ even topping US, a country with 20x its population. Surprised?

Lets check the second search term

 Trend – iPad2, All regions, Last 30 days

This time Hong Kong and Taiwan lead in the number of searches performed for ‘iPad2’, with US not even in the top 5. People in US do not search for ‘iPad2’, do not search for it as ‘iPad2’ or simply do not care for ‘iPad2’?  Hard to believe? 

These are just two examples of flawed results from Google Trends. There are many more. Is Google Trends algorithm broken or is it not sharing the real search trends?