April 10, 2011

Extragram, An Extroverted Instagram

Extragram is an extroverted Instagram.

Extragr.am was announced recently. While Instagram is an introvert and limits all user activity, taking viewing sharing photos, to the iPhone/iPad/iPod only, Extragram is the extrovert. It enables users to also view and share the Instagram photos over the web. In doing so Extragram joins Insta-great and GramFeed, other web services that enable viewing and sharing Instagram photos over the web.

The personality of each of these services is abundantly on display –

Insta-great has the best UI and displays the photos beautifully.

GramFeed has the most functional interface and by including Ads, a revenue model that is missing from the other services.

Extragram requires a user to login with an Instagram id before they can do anything useful, a big flaw that will limit its use. Hopefully, they will fix it soon.

Overall, it is encouraging to see more services being built around Instagram.