April 21, 2011

Find Cool Domain Names For Your Website

To find cool domain names for your website can be a lot of work. You’ll find that most short names, simple names, combination of words etc are already taken. And, doing Whois queries, one at a time at sites such as GoDaddy, Register.com, for each name that you come up with can take a long time.

Here are two free services that can help you in finding new names. They will not only help you quickly research new domain names but will also suggest new creative names including the prized short domain names.

Pick a domain name with these characteristics – it is short, memorable, easy to type and is unique in your area.

Use domai.nr to find short domain names.

Use panabee to find cool domain names.

The tools will also tell you how rigorously the major brands protect their domain names. E.g. a search for Apple on panabee shows that most variations of ‘Apple’ are already taken, most likely by Apple themselves. It is the same with Facebook or Microsoft. However, surprisingly, for Intel, http://in.tel is still available.

And, if you thought only technology brands were so protective, try Pepsi or Chase.