April 25, 2011

How to Fix Missing Blogger Photos

If you use Blogger, sometimes you may find that photos uploaded with a post will stop displaying and you’ll see an empty slot for the photo. How to fix missing Blogger photos?

When you do get a missing photo, first try this simple test – try to load that photo by clicking the empty slot or by right-clicking it. If you get Google’s 404 page as above, then the photo has been lost permanently. This seems to be a Blogger-Picasa error.

You can fix this in one of these ways
  • If the uploaded photos are not displaying because they were lost, ‘remove’ the old photo from the blog post and then upload it again.
  • If the photos are not displaying because you have exceeded the Google Storage limits, then buy Google storage to up your limits

  • Or, make sure that photos uploaded are under 800x800 pixels. Google storage is free for photos under 800x800 pixels or videos under 15 min of length