April 22, 2011

JuiceDefender, Power Saver for Android

If you find that your Android phone’s battery does not last the whole day, frequently goes down to very low percentages, then you should get JuiceDefender, power saver for Android phones.

As Android phones are getting more powerful – big displays, multi-core cpu’s, multitasking, HD video playback, WiFi, 3G/4G connectivity, GPS location – they are also getting more power hungry. Each feature on its own can drain the battery quickly and together they will consume it even faster.

Faced with the same issue, the PC industry introduced aggressive power management techniques, directly in hardware, which helps improve battery life. JuiceDefender brings similar power management techniques to Android phones and will help your battery last longer. Once you install JuiceDefender, the power management is done automatically, so you don’t have to wade through Android menus or keep changing the settings manually.

JuiceDefender performs the following functions automatically

  • Lower cpu frequency when the phone is not being used
  • WiFi, 4G radios – turn on when needed, turn off when phone is in sleep mode
  • Turn on WiFi based on location - enable at home/work, disable otherwise
  • 2G/3G –intelligently toggle between the two to save power
  • Make screenoff, screenlock timeouts longer so you don’t have to keep unlocking the phone frequently
  • Etc

In addition, power profiles can be set which will further cut down the power consumption.

Users report very good results, with JuiceDefender making their battery last much longer. JuiceDefender is a must have for Android phones.

Lateroid, JuiceDefender’s developer, also has other useful utilities for Android phones.

SeePU – to display cpu, memory and network usage statistics for your phone. The network usage shows the Internet download & upload speeds for your Android phone.

JuicePlotter – for when you want to see your battery consumption in real-time.