April 17, 2011

Knee Replacement Cost In India, $2200

An interesting comparison of surgery costs in the US and India. If you feel that surgery costs are sky high in the US, you are right. Do a price check to find the costs for the same surgery in other countries. Indian hospitals in particular are inexpensive even for complicated surgeries. As an example, knee replacement cost in India is $2200 (at Rs 44.28 = $1).

The following are all ads placed by Wockhardt Hospital in different cities in India.

Knee replacement cost is $2,200 in India, Rs 100,000

Heart Bypass Surgery cost is $2,150 in India, Rs 95,000

Gall Bladder Surgery cost is $790 in India, Rs 35,000 and the cost of consulting the physician is only $4.

For total costs, add in the cost of travel to India ($1200 – New York to Delhi round trip airfare) and the living costs in India for the duration of the surgery. Overall, it remains a tiny fraction of the surgery costs in US.

And, if you are worried about the quality of care, Wockhardt Hospital is an associate hospital of Harvard Medical International.

Dr. Vivek Jawali, one of the cardiac surgeons at Fortis (formerly Wockhardt Bangalore), is said to have performed over 15,000 heart surgeries including the first awake cardiac surgery, where the patient was fully awake while the heart surgery was being performed. Amazing!

Similar to Fortis and Wockhardt, there are other leading hospital chains in India.

As always, in all things related to health, do your own due diligence and feel comfortable before engaging with any hospital.