April 24, 2011

MiO, Water Flavor, from Kraft

Summer is coming and hot summer days will be here soon. When you just don’t feel like drinking plain water and don’t want juice or soda, then try water with MiO. MiO is a water flavor, from Kraft.

With MiO, you can enjoy your water with different flavors – sweet tea, peach tea, mango peach, berry pomegranate, fruit punch and strawberry watermelon. Each MiO flavor comes in a small bottle that you can carry with you, so you can use it anytime; no need to lug larger water bottles with you. Whenever you are ready to drink, just add some MiO to the water.

You can find more info at MiO’s Facebook page.

Hot Summer days

MiO is a zero calorie, caffiene free drink. It is sweetened with Sucralose and also includes Propylene Glycol, additives that are found in a wide variety of foods.

Alternatives to MiO include Fruit2O (in lemon, grape, raspberry, strawberry, peach tropical fruit, orange and cherry flavors), which is also sweetened with Sucralose.

hint water is another alternative that has no sweeteners added and comes in cucumber, raspberry-lime, blackberry, honeydew-hibiscus, mango-grapefruit, pomegranate-tangerine, watermelon, lime, strawberry-kiwi and pear flavors.

And, don’t forget Vitamin water.

Which flavored water is the best? 
Each provides its own unique flavor and you’ll surely like one flavor over the other, so keep trying new flavors. The best of the best is of course plain water; your body needs a lot of it so be sure to drink a lot. There is about 1.338 billion km3 of water on earth, so there is plenty to go around.