April 7, 2011

New Axis HD IP Cameras, P5544 and Q6035

Axis cameras are great for video monitoring of the home. But, if you are looking to monitor large areas such as airports, malls, casinos, train stations and warehouses, and at HD video resolutions, then the new Axis PTZ Dome cameras are worth checking out. The new Axis HD IP cameras, P5544 and Q6035, will be available July-2011. While the prices have not been announced, expect them to be $2000+ like the other cameras in the P55 and Q60 series.

A summary of the Axis P5544 features is below. Axis Q6035 offers similar features but with even higher video resolutions, auto-tracking of objects and NEMA 4x protection for the outdoor models.

Axis P5544 Features

Indoor and Outdoor
Indoor model - Axis P5544, Outdoor model – Axis P5544-E. With an IP51 rating, the camera is protected against dust and dripping water without needing additional enclosures.

A separate power cable is not needed for the camera. The camera supports high PoE (802.3at), also known as PoE+ or PoE Plus. The PoE midspan, splitters are available from Axis and other vendors.

The camera supports a full 360-degree Pan in 360o overview or fast dome modes.

A 180-degree Tilt allows watching large areas together with the 18x optical zoom.

Per Axis, these allow each camera to monitor a 10,000 sq ft area and it can identify people clearly upto 490 ft away.

The Axis P5544 supports 720P HD video at 30 fps. The video with a 1280x720 resolution has a 16:9 aspect ratio. Video formats are expected to be H.264 and MJPEG.

Two lenses are provided to maintain clarity at different field of views. The video switches from one lens to the other as the field of view changes.

Night View
In addition to a good night view (expect 0.5 lux, specs are not available yet), the camera image sensor has a wide dynamic range which allows seeing both light and dark objects clearly in the same scene at the same time.

Motion Detection, Audio Detection
The camera supports both motion-detection and audio-detection and can be set to generate an alarm on these triggers.

2-way audio, and external sensors and relays are also supported.

Alternatives to the Axis HD IP cameras include Panasonic HD Dome IP cameras including models WV-SW395, WV-SW385 and others.