April 19, 2011

Priceline or Progressive Name Your Price

When you see the term name your price whom do you think of? Is it Priceline or Progressive name your price?

Priceline’s whole business model is built around name your price and uses it to sell flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacations, activities etc. Priceline also has nice ads such as Naomi Price, a twist on the words name-your-own-price.

Progressive name your price, on the other hand, is used to sell car insurance. The concept is similar to Priceline’s; with name your price, you tell Progressive how much you are willing to pay for car insurance and Progressive will provide a package that most closely meets your price. Progressive also puts out its share of TV ads.

While the similar terms used by the two companies can get confusing, at least they are using the terms to sell different products.