April 7, 2011

Video Motion Tracking, Axis Q6035 IP Camera

Video motion tracking in Axis Q6035 IP camera will allow objects seen by the IP camera to be tracked in real-time. While the recently announced Axis P5544 and Q6035 HD IP cameras have a great set of features, the video motion tracking in the Q6035 stands out. It is perhaps the first Axis camera with motion tracking built-in.

To setup motion-detection, a motion detection area is specified in the camera’s view. Once motion is detected in this area, the camera can not only generate an alarm, but also start tracking the object that was seen moving. And, with 360o pan, 180o tilt, 20x optical zoom and night-vision the camera will be able to follow the object across a large area, day or night. On motion-detected, the images can be recorded on the camera’s SD card itself, or with an Internet service, the full video from the camera can be recorded pre, during and post event, making it an invaluable tool for monitoring.

When the Q6035 is available, it will be interesting to see if the Q6035’s real-time object tracking algorithm can follow objects are accurately as the Predator.