April 11, 2011

When Safari on Windows Does Not Work

What do you do when Safari on Windows does not work?

Like Chrome browser on PC, Safari on PC is an absolute delight to use as compared to Internet Explorer. But, Safari on PC does have some quirks. Sometimes, after you have closed Safari and then want to open a new session, Safari will not launch. What can you do in this situation?

When Safari does not launch, a previous session of Safari is still running and needs to be killed.

  1. Open Windows Task Manager with ctrl-alt-del
  2. Click ‘processes’, to show currently running processes
  3. Click ‘Image Name’, to sort processes by name
  4. Look for a ‘Safari.exe’ process
  5. click on ‘Safari.exe’, then click ‘End Process’

This will terminate the previously running safari.exe process. Now you should be able to launch Safari correctly.

This Safari bug has been around for a long time, at some point Apple will fix it properly.

Another useful step while using Safari – after you are done using Safari, click
Edit > Reset Safari

Make sure all items are checked, then click ‘Reset’

This will close all Safari windows, delete cookies, remove all browsing history, etc, leaving just one Safari window open. It is a quick and simple way to remove all your information from the browser.

The ‘reset Safari’ feature is very useful and all browsers ought to have a similar feature.