April 17, 2011

Which Cars Do You Like In Traffic?

If you spend time in traffic, you are used to seeing a lot of cars, from the back. The car commercials typically do not show these back views and nor are these back views highlighted on the car manufacturers website. But, since that is what you get to see, make your likes known here. Which cars do you like in traffic?

Here are photos of a few cars, share your likes in the comments and also add more cars to this list.

You’ll probably see only a few of the Ferrari 458 Italia in traffic, but in looks it beats all cars – gas or electric.

In looks, after Ferrari, it has to be the all-electric Tesla Roadster. It looks great and there are no exhaust vents putting out fumes towards you.

And, then come the Nissan Leaf and the part electric Chevy Volt.

At the other extreme of the looks, it is the Lexus LS460, Acura 2011 RL and Mercedes S600. All fine automobiles with powerful engines but their looks are marred with large exhaust vents which seem to be two giant eyes staring at you in traffic and spewing fumes. Out of all the cars in this list, the Lexus LS460 is the one that needs the most improvement in looks.