April 13, 2011

Why Are Color App Photos Unfocused, Washed-Out?

Why are Color app photos always unfocused, washed-out? Why is the photo quality always low?

Is it
  • the iPhone camera?
  • the places where photos are taken?
  • the web postings are degraded in quality? 
  • all of the above?
For example, check the photos above, this and this one

The iPhone camera is a definite cause; it will produce low quality photos in low light conditions.

And, it seems to be color app’s nature to be used in low lighting conditions. It is designed to be useful only when people get together and that is usually inside a building, for a party, at a bar, at nighttime etc – typically all places with low lighting. If so, color app will continue producing low quality photos – unfocused and washed-out, at least until the iPhone camera sensor improves.

Finally, is color.com’s photo quality low because the web photos are degraded? The web photos do appear to be degraded but this is less of a factor impacting the photo quality as compared to the above two. 

Compare Color.com to Instagram photos that are also taken by the iPhone.

Source: GramFeed

Most Instagram photos are crisper, better quality and with richer colors. So what is the difference? Instagram photos are being taken outdoors in daylight which helps produce better quality.

Of all the features, photo quality is the most important for users. Low photo quality will lead to a perception that Color App itself is poor quality, a big negative as the app tries to attract more users.

From the way it is designed, Is Color App destined for Indoor use?