May 22, 2011

Amazon Ads, What is Bes-clck .com?

What is  Google search thinks it could be best clock and displays related results.

Bes-clck seems to stand for Best Click, as in delivering the best clicks for an ad. is a domain owned by Amazon, who uses it to deliver 3rd party ads on their home page.

Amazon’s home page is one of the most visited pages on the web and a prime location to display ads, where the ads will have high conversion rates. Amazon’s home page has two standard 300x250 ad slots for 3rd party display ads. e.g. check the ING Direct Share Builder Amazon ad below.

Share Builder is an online brokerage by ING DIRECT investing. Share builder’s affiliate program is geared to signup new users. In this case, Amazon acts as an affiliate of share builder, directing users to its website.

A click on the share builder ad displays the anatomy of Amazon ads (details below). The click redirects through many intermediaries before taking the user to the share builder site.

The owner of each intermediate domain is shown below. You can see all the Internet advertising heavyweights are involved in delivering this ad. 

bes-clck – Amazon
atdmt – Microsoft
yieldmanager – Yahoo
googleadservices – Google
invitemedia – Google
realmedia – 24/7 real media
advertising – aol
turn - turn
fastclick – valueclick
doubleclick – Google
offermatica – Omniture-Adobe