May 2, 2011

Amazon Tablet Made By Quanta Computer

Per Digitimes, Amazon Tablet will be made by Quanta Computer. And,

Apple iPad

Amazon has already placed orders with Quanta and Amazon’s monthly orders are expected to reach 700,000 to 800,000 for the peak season (Christmas 2011?).

Amazon Tablet (Android?) together with Amazon Appstore for Android is expected to compete directly with Apple’s iPad.

Amazon is a formidable competitor and together with its appstore may be the only credible competitor for the iPad, providing a full solution. Samsung, Motorola, RIM will likely fall into the also-ran category and Microsoft has been a no-show so far.

But, does even Amazon have the wherewithal to compete with the iPad?

Amazon’s major weakness is its design aesthetics. Amazon designed products/services have the function but no form. They lack the beauty that Apple is able to put in its products. This and the small selection of apps in its appstore will limit how well an Amazon Tablet can do in the market. And, as a result, Amazon will keep dropping prices on its tablet to compete with the iPad.