May 11, 2011

Awesome Google Chromebook, a Cloud Laptop

Google Chromebook, a Cloud laptop.


Doing pushups while waiting for a PC to bootup

Everything is in the Cloud and the Chromebook laptop is designed for that. Designed for fast Web access, with no extra baggage to slow it down. 

  • boots in 8 seconds
  • resumes instantly
  • connects to Web via WiFi or 3G
  • no SIM lock, which is useful in Europe where you can use the mobile ISP of your choice.
  • all the work is safely stored in the Cloud
  • no Windows update tying up your PC for long time

And best of all, unlike PC’s, you don’t need any antivirus software since its builtin security will block and prevent all malware from reaching Chromebook. So, no Symantec rtvscan to slow your PC down, no annoying ‘your computer is at risk’ messages from McAfee, no constant updates from Microsoft Security Essentials etc.

  • available    June 15
  • Samsung Chromebook    $429 (WiFi-only), $499 (WiFi, 3G)
  • Acer Chromebook    $349 (WiFi-only)
  • Initially in    US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Italy

The Bad
  • A long name – Chromebook

  • High price for the hardware (as above)
    monthly rental plans are available, $20/month for schools and $28/month for businesses, but require a 3-year contract

  • Super expensive 3G data plans from Verizon (US)
    which will prevent using the Chromebook freely everywhere and always make people look for WiFi

  • Prepare to pay more for various Cloud services, altough the amounts will be small

But, even with the high prices, the Chromebook laptops will be very useful.

iPad or Chromebook
And, if you are thinking, should I get an iPad or Chromebook?  After all both are optimized for Cloud access, with WiFi/3G connectivity and Chromebooks are (unfortunately) almost as expensive as the iPad.

It depends on how you plan to use the devices.

The iPad is beyond compare as a touch-screen device. At about 600 grams it is also less than half the weight of Chromebooks. If you are even considering iPad, there is no contest, pick the iPad.

The Chromebook will be a nice replacement for Windows PC’s and provide a keyboard experience like a PC.

An entertaining Chromebook promo video