May 29, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Ads, E for Effort

BlackBerry PlayBook ads, an E for effort.

PlayBook marketing strategy seems to be, display ads in non-US markets where iPad 2 is either not available or is supply constrained, and a “we got Flash” campaign for the US (below).

PlayBook’s expandable display ads could use higher res images than the above; it will create a better impression for PlayBook. And, RIM needs to figure out another differentiator than Flash. Apple’s success has turned Flash into a marginal feature, no longer needed.

BlackBerry PlayBook is competing against iPad, the toughest competition. But, at least it is trying to compete and that is an E for Effort.

BlackBerry PlayBook – Flash ad

The Playbook Flash song is the theme song from the Flash Gordon movie, by Queen.