May 5, 2011

Cisco Umi Price Drop, 2 Umi’s for $500

Cisco Umi provides video calls at home or office. Cisco Umi price drops, 2 Umi’s for $500. The 2-for-1 offer is available till May 21, 2011.

When you checkout, make sure you have added 2 Umi’s to the cart, then use the coupon code HSUMIBOGO. You’ll get 2 Umi’s for $500.

The $250 price for a Cisco Umi is better than the earlier $500 price or the still earlier $600 price. But, it is still high. And, remember, there is an additional $100/year usage fee.

How Cisco Umi gets used -

Both Sides need Umi
Both sides in the video call need to be using Cisco Umi and perhaps the reason why the 2-for-1 deal is being offered.

The price drop may motivate some businesses to deploy Umi at their branch offices for office-to-office video calls. It may also attract home users to perhaps add an Umi at home and at Grandparents home.

Umi needs a TV
Umi needs a TV to display the video, which limits its use to the living room at home or a conference room at work.

Other solutions for video calls are already widely available and with users and they are free
  • PC, Mac’s with webcams and free Skype software
  • iPhone – using FaceTime or other apps
  • Android – using video calling apps

Cisco Umi’s big challenge is to increase adoption in face of these big hurdles