May 9, 2011

Epiduo, Acne Treatment Gel

Epiduo, acne treatment gel is an FDA approved acne treatment available under prescription and is one of the best acne products. The gel has a creative tagline - blame biology for breakouts. Acne indeed is a skin condition that is influenced by biology, specifically by hormones and genes.

As an interesting aside, watch Robert Saplosky’s talk on how Biology affects people.

Per Epiduo, breakouts are a medical condition rather than the result of a person’s lifestyle.

It's important to understand that breakouts—even mild ones—are a medical condition. They're brought on by biological factors like genetics and hormones, which can put oil-producing glands in overdrive and cause dead cells and bacteria to build up beneath the skin's surface.

Epiduo gel contains dual ingredients, which are twice as effective in controlling acne.
  1. Adapalene - a retinoid-like compound used to control acne, per NIH
  2. Benzoyl peroxide – a compound used to treat mild to moderate acne

As with other similar products, the gel should be directly applied to the affected area and only to the affected area. And, avoid sun and other skin irritants while using the product.

It may take 8-12 weeks to see the full benefits of Epiduo. In the first few weeks, the acne may seem to get worse as the gel brings still-forming pimples to surface.

Maker of Epiduo
Galderma, a dermatology company that is also the makers of Cetaphil, a well-known moisturizer for sensitive skin, makes Epiduo.

Epiduo Price
Without insurance, the gel can cost upto $400. With Epiduo rebates and insurance, the gel costs less than $35.