May 2, 2011

Eyenimal PetCam, from DogTek

Eyenimal PetCam, from DogTek gives you your Pets view of the world.

Eyenimal is a light, small, wearable video camera for pets that attaches to the pets collar. Once started, the camera keeps recording for upto 2.5 hours. After recording, the video is transferred from the camera to the PC via a USB cable. The camera’s battery is also charged via USB. The camera costs $130

The Eyenimal weighs 1.2 oz (34 grams) and should be light enough for dogs and cats. By comparison, the iPhone at 4.8 oz weighs four times as much.

The Eyenimal can record continuously upto 2.5 hours to the 8 GB flash memory. So, while it is not long enough for recording a full day of activities, it will record the short jaunts taken by your pet. The short recording time will also limit the cameras usefulness, as you’ll need to plan the recordings ahead of time. And, check the Eyenimal’s video quality below.

Similar to the wearable HD cameras or the lightweight Looxcie camera (28 grams) for humans, Eyenimal will be an interesting addition to your pets’ wardrobe.

So, next time you feel that your pet may do something interesting, reach out for the Eyenimal.