May 4, 2011

FAA Alaska WeatherCams, Real-time Weather Photos From Alaska

When you visit Alaska, you’ll notice the beautiful scenery and the constantly changing weather conditions. The constantly changing weather is awesome but also makes flying in Alaska a little challenging. The FAA Alaska WeatherCams, provide real-time weather photos from across Alaska.

The Alaska WeatherCam is a multi-year project by the FAA to install hundreds of weather cameras across Alaska, which capture photos every 10 minutes and display them on the website. The first cameras went live in 2008 and all the cameras would be installed by 2014.

The Alaska Live Photos display real-time photos from across Alaska. They are useful in aviation, to check weather conditions, and can also be used for a real-time tour of Alaska. Enjoy the beauty of Alaska anytime.

Chandalar Shelf, Alaska weathercam

Honolulu, Alaska weathercam

The cameras today only send photos and not live video from the locations. While it is understandable that the remote areas may not have fast Internet or 4G Internet yet and therefore streaming video is not possible, but in the future, providing live video will be a definite plus.

The Alaska weathercams are a model for all the other states, in fact for any locality worldwide. Similar weathercams would be useful from every location.