May 14, 2011

Get EXIF and Color Info in Photos, FastStone Image Viewer

When you want to get EXIF and color info in photos, convert photos to different formats, apply effects, edit the photo etc, FastStone Image Viewer, free software for PC’s enables you to do so nicely.

click to view in larger size

Take the above yellow rose photo as an example, how many colors make up this photo? 4, 10, 20, or more? Load the above photo in FastStone Image viewer to find out

View > Histogram   
Shows the color distribution of the photo

View > Histogram > # of colors   
Shows that this photo is made of 220,886 colors. Imagine that, a large number of colors for a simple photo.

Try the same for any photo on your PC.

To get the EXIF information for the photo

View > Image Properties > EXIF   
The EXIF data shows - the camera type, camera settings, GPS location of the photo (if available) etc.

FastStone also lets you apply effects to photos and convert them to different formats.