May 28, 2011

Glass Break Sensor for Home Security

Glass break sensors for Home Security are a nice complement to door/window sensors, motion detectors, security cameras and other elements of home security. At a small incremental cost, the glass break sensors improve the overall protection for the home.

A window sensor can sense if a window was opened but cannot detect someone breaking the glass and entering the room from there. A motion sensor will sense if someone is moving inside the room but that is after an entry into the home. A glass break detector fills the gap between these two sensors; it will detect the sound of a breaking glass and generate an alarm.

The glass break sensors detect glass break sounds within 25 feet and provide a 360-degree coverage, so a single sensor can cover multiple windows. When a glass break is detected, the sensor generates an alarm.

Popular Glass Break Sensors

  1. 2GIG-GB1-345 glass break sensor - $120

  2. Interlogix ShatterPro 3 glass break sensor - $32

  3. Ademco Honeywell 5853 glass creak sensor - $50

The sensors look for the sound pattern generated when glass breaks. So, once a glass break detector is installed, how do you test it? 

Honeywell FG701, glass break simulator, for $50 is a popular tester used to simulate the sound of breaking glass.

A word of caution – since the sensors do acoustic pattern matching to detect a glass break, they can sometimes trigger with sound generated from household activity. But, this should be ok as it will be when you are at home and can check on any alarm generated.

Whether you have a home monitoring service from ADT Pulse, Vivint, others or are installing your own home security system such as with micasaverde or Logitech Alert, a glass break sensor will be a good addition to improve home security.