May 24, 2011

How to Remove Mac Defender Malware

Mac Defender is a malware for the Mac. Follow Apple’s detailed steps on how to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware from your Mac. Apple has also provided an OS X update to remove Mac Defender.

Similar to the notorious PC defender malware for PC’s, Mac Defender is a bane for Mac’s. When an unsuspecting user visits a malware website, it alarms them by displaying a message that there is a virus on their Mac and entices them by saying that the mac defender anti-virus software will eliminate the viruses.

Once the user installs Mac Defender, it will ask for the users credit card number, the ultimate goal for this malware.

While Apple lists the detailed steps (above) to remove this malware, a few simple precautions will help you avoid it and similar malware.

  1. Do not click on unknown links at Twitter , Facebook or similar sites, these are the main sources to redirect you to malware websites
  2. If you see ‘Your Mac is infected’ type of messages while visiting a website, close that browser window immediately.
  3. Do not download or install software from unknown websites
  4. If at a website an auto-download or auto-install starts (without your action), kill it immediately.
  5. Never give your credit card number to any unknown software, especially those claiming to remove viruses.