May 14, 2011

India Power Cuts Real-Time Map

India power cuts real-time map, the website is an excellent crowd-sourced effort to report and view power cuts in India in real-time. The website is similar to other crowd-sourced efforts such as of radioactivity readings in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Users can submit a report, get an alert and view locations where power cut is in effect in real-time.

India’s electricity demand vastly exceeds the electricity supply. This results in constant power cuts across the country on a daily basis. Most power outages are planned, some unplanned. And with the economy growing at high rates over the next several years, the gap could worsen.

Indian electricity exchanges such as IEX are used by the major electricity producers and consumers but of not much use to the consumer who directly gets affected by the daily power cuts.

Tweet a power outage with the hashtag #powercutindia. When the power is back up, tweet again with #powercutindia #back