May 16, 2011

Lockitron Automated Locks Review

Lockitron automated locks, another nice lock for your home automation project. The lock can be controlled via smartphones and computers.

The steps –
  • install a Lockitron lock on your door
  • add Lockitron device to your Internet router
  • program

Now the door can be locked, unlocked remotely from your phone, tablet or computer. The virtual keys can be shared via SMS

Lockitron locks cost $295.

Lockitron locks are a great concept and will find use in homes, offices and buildings. The price is a little high but, there are no recurring monthly fees to pay.

One fundamental flaw in the system is the Internet connection. If the Internet connection fails, the lock cannot be accessed remotely at all and in that scenario if you have shared the virtual keys with others, they will be locked out. So, if you use the system, make sure to get a reliable Internet connection that is always-on.

Alternatives to Lockitron include Kwikset ($200 z-wave locks) and Schlage Link automated locks. Another alternative is complete home automation solutions such as Vivint, micasaverde and others, which automate more of the home than just locks. And, operate