May 6, 2011

Monitor Your Website, from Around the World

You have a nice website setup and expect users to come from all over the world. But, how do you know if the users can access your website from their locations?  Monitor your website, from around the world with these simple, free utilities.

Use just-ping to ping your website from 50 locations worldwide. From Singapore to Amsterdam, from Manchester to Moscow, and all other locations.

e.g. enter to see if SimpleRNA can be accessed from the different locations. At the time of this test, SimpleRNA was accessible from all locations worldwide except Shanghai and Beijing in mainland China. It may be because mainland China is still blocking Google websites and SimpleRNA runs on Google servers.

Just-Ping’s test nodes at Madrid, Lille, Belgrade, Toronto, Novosibirsk were temporarily unavailable at the time of this test.

Just-ping is run manually and reports any network problem related to your website. The periodic checks of your website will tell you if it is available from across the world.

But, what if you wanted an automated service that constantly monitors if your website is up and working and alerts you immediately if there is a problem. WatchMouse, a web service, from the same developer provides this functionality.

WatchMouse provides automated website monitoring for your website. It constantly checks if your website is up and working and in case of any problems it will alert you.

Test your website using WatchMouse by entering your website URL.

WatchMouse is used by major services such as Twitter, Wordpress, Zappos and more. The free or $35/month plan should be good enough to monitor smaller websites including blogger or wordpress blogs, while larger sites can use the more robust plans.

For an alternate free option, try Montastic. It is an excellent service for free website monitoring. The free plan checks your website every 30 minutes and will email you immediately if your website is down.