May 26, 2011, How to Setup a Web Page Instantly

If you want to share something publicly and want to know how to setup a web page instantly, check is the simplest way to create beautiful web pages instantly. There are no signups or any other steps required. The steps

  1. pick a name for the page
    the page URL will use the name you picked e.g. with fastpage,
  2. set a password for editing the page, so only you can edit it
  3. add a title for your page
  4. type or paste your text
    images and youtube videos can also be added to the page
  5. done

That is all there is to it. The page is now public and you can share its link with others.

A few tips
  1. To edit a page - click edit link at the bottom of that page
  2. To add a new page – add the following to the page
  3. To add an image - just drag and drop it to the page
  4. To add a video – add video tag and paste the full URL of the video starting with http://
    :video <URL of youtube video> is even simpler and better than posterous, another service that strives for simplicity in creating webpages/blogs.